Learn to drive

Let's Drive has highly experienced instructors who will take you from a complete beginner to a fully qualified but more importantly a safe driver. We believe that if you enjoy your driving lessons you will learn to drive more quickly. The steps needed are:

  • Obtain a provisional driving licence
  • Find a friendly but highly qualified instructor
  • Take your written theory/hazad perception test (once passed you must then pass your practical test within 2 years)
  • Learn all the on the road skills including all the required maneuvers
  • The skill of independant driving (new to the driving test)
  • Mock tests
  • Practical driving test

Don't forget this is not the end. We recommend you take the Pass Plus. This not only helps you drive more confidently and saftely, but will also save you money on your insurance policy. Contact us for more information on offer relating to Motorway driving and Pass Plus. View people who have passed

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